We are on a Quest to find Red Hood

As we get ready for our very busy faire season ahead, one of the BIG festivals that we are now proud owners of is called Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival located at Ye Olde Commons 120 Northside Road, Charlton, MA which will be going on August 16th and 17th of 2014!

Both Phinn and I feel blessed that we have gotten so many folks support of taking over this small but what could be potential GREAT faire!  Over 800 parking spaces, a real Tavern, we’ll have Live Jousting (yeah with Horses!), Turkey Legs and a Plot.

Gia (aka Mother Phinn) has been working on her first plot which is based off of Red Riding Hood but making it more of a Twisted Fairy Tale.  However, in order for this to work properly, we need a Red Hood to pull this off.  So, here is the announcement:

PhinnVolt Enterprises is currently seeking a Female Actor for our Cast with Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival which will be going on August 16th and 17th of 2014 from 10:30 am to 5 pm each day to portray Red Hood:

Red “Riding” Hood is the secret sister to Robin Hood and gets lured or recruited by Captain Wolf of the Pillage Idiots and must get to Granny Grue with a secret message .  Rufus will be the under toned hero, and Baron Von Winkle (played by Mason Vincent) is the not so good guy who makes people fall asleep.

We are searching for a Female Actor should be over the age of 18, great head on their shoulders (meaning able to think for themselves), able to read lines, improvise if necessary, should have some Renaissance Festival or Faire experience of some kind, Garb – however, our lovely vendor Emazanti Creations has graciously offered to do costuming for the actress, all we will need is measurements.  The actress will need to attend at least 6  of our rehearsals which also includes 2 of the final dress rehearsals (in attire) and be willing to sing with us at finale (and no, you don’t need to be a great singer).  The actress will be required to attend both days of the event, and attend all three scenes (morning, mid afternoon and finale) as well as the final joust.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day of the event.  This is a NON paying part, but we do have great fun, and it will add to your resume!  We can provide lodging: camping space or cabin space is available.

IF you are interested, please e mail us at infoskrf@gmail.com with the subject line: I am Red Hood!  Please also forward any contact information you have, phone, e mail or Facebook.  If you have a head shot, that would also be nice to have, but not necessary. Once the actress is chosen, we will make the announcement on our fan page, website and the blog.

Thanks and pass it on to folks you might think would be interested!