Brotherhood of Arrow and Sword

1. What is the name of your act?
Master Marcus: The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword
2. Where are you located or where is your home faire?
Master Marcus: Our home faire is New Hampshire Renaissance Faire.
Sir Brian: Yes and the Brotherhood is located in Southern NH and southern Maine
3. What is it that you do?
Master Marcus: We teach about various aspects of 14th/15th century life including camp life, carpentry, Bowery, and fiber arts.
Sir Brian: We also practice and present Historical European Marital Arts and traditional Archery that we present in our shows.
4. When did you start performing at Renaissance Faires?
Master Marcus: Members of the group have been performing at events from 1 to 20 years.
Sir Brian: Both Master Marcus and I have been in the genre the longest of all the members. Almost 20 years.
5. What inspired you to start performing?
Master Marcus: We both enjoy educating the public and teaching people the realities of medieval life rather than perpetuate popular and Hollywood myths.
Sir Brian:  It’s interesting to see the looks on people’s faces, especially the kids, when they discover that real life is cooler than what Hollywood tends to portray. I also love the looks on kids faces when they see us in the armor for the first time and they realize they can talk to an actual knight.
6. What would you say to someone just starting out in this business?
Master Marcus: Do your homework before purchasing equipment that will ultimately not work for you. It may be the wrong time period, or the wrong quality level for your intentions. Join with an established group initially to get ideas and make contacts.
Sir Brian: We’ve seen too many instances where someone jumps into the hobby without proper guidance or refuse to listen to proper guidance and they waste a lot of money and occasionally get hurt due to purchasing the wrong equipment or not practicing with someone knowledgeable.
7. How else do you promote your act?
Master Marcus: Word of mouth, social media, published advertising.
8. Tell us about your home faire and why you love it so much?
Master Marcus: NHRF is our home faire. It has grown throughout the years and does a great deal of good for the community. This year alone they donated over $30,000.00 to NH food banks. The site is beautiful and the feel is very family friendly.
9. Do you have children if so, how do you handle that or how do you handle children at your act/booth?
Master Marcus: We do not commonly have children as part of our act. When they are involved they help with the camp and act as squires for the knights.
10. How do you handle thefts/thieves?
Master Marcus:This has never been a problem.
Sir Brian: Yeah, they tend not to mess with guys who are heavily armed and armored.
11. Do you travel from faire to faire or do you just have one faire that you are a steady at?
Master Marcus: We travel to some extent but only in the New England states at the moment.
Sir Brian: Given the amount of equipment and displays we are hauling to and from events, it’s too difficult and generally doesn’t pay enough to travel beyond New England.
12. What are your top 3 things you can NOT be without at Faire?
Master Marcus: Sleeping arrangements, respectful people to work with, and a well-organized management staff.
Sir Brian: We prefer to do events were we can set up and stay in our encampment. And the other two details can make or break an event. Not just for us, but for patrons as well.
13. Would you consider a small faire vs a larger faire and why?
Master Marcus: If they were in competition on the same weekend? If all else is equal payment, ease of setup/breakdown, and cost of travel are important. Otherwise the quality/friendliness and attentiveness of the faire management is very important
20. Plug your website/fan pages here:
The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword:
Master Marcus’ page:
Sir Brian’s page: 

Note:  Brotherhood of Arrow and Sword will be performing at Abbadia Mare Renaissance Festival coming July 18th and 19th of 2015 in Gloucester, MA and also at Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival Silver Kingdom Festival coming August 15th and 16th of 2015 in Charlton, MA.
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