Holiday extravaganza

If you are looking to get unique items for the Renaissance Enthusiast in your family, then I hope you check out some of the vendors that we had for either Abbadia Mare or Silver Kingdom Renaissance Faires.

Black will be for both events, Green for Silver Kingdom and Blue for Abbadia Mare Festival.  Some of the vendors do not have websites, but have Facebook pages and you should be able to get in contact with them that way.

Amalgated Funk and FineryAmalgted Funk – jewelry, crowns, steam punk items, hats and other items.

Antika Nueva – Antika Nueva – wire jewelry, hand made soaps, salves (goo), head pieces, cloaks and other items.

Bonnie Lee’s Creations (SKF vendor): Bonnie Lees Jewelry – jewelry, small stone trees, bracelets, and other items.

Capes and Corsets (SKF vendor): Capes and Corsets – capes and corsets

Cashlin’s Creations – Facebook page for Cashlin’s Creations – jewelry, art, crafts, wands, Celtic Creations

Cornerstone Creations (SKF vendor); Facebook page for Cornerstone Creations  concrete items for your home and garden

DeepWater Dye Works – Deep Water Dye Works – yarn and fibers

Devas & Dragons Designs (Abbadia Mare vendor): jewelry with pearls and other fine gems

Emazanti Creations – Facebook page for Emazanti – garb for women and men, some chainmaile items and some jewelry

Grinning Dwarf – Grinning Dwarf – leather goods, masks, garb and more

Henna Inspired (SKF vendor): Henna Inspired – Henna

House of Hoover Designs (SKF vendor) : Rocks, gems and other items

Kimberley’s Creatures (SKF vendor) – Kimberleys Creatures – hand made paper mache dragons and eggs

Lady Lethal Chain Maile – Lady Lethal Chainmaile FB page – lady’s chainmaile

Lord Fafnir and Spawn – Fafnir and Spawn FB page – psychic tarot readings

Mary Lawrence Author (SKF vendor): Mary Lawrence Mystery books

Michael Longrider Flutes (SKF vendor): Native American Indian Flutes and other items

Moondragon Designs – Moondragon Designs – cloaks, capes, hand knitted items, jewelery, and other items

Mother’s Healing Touch – Mother’s Healing Touch FB page

Mother Earth Gourds/ Creatures Nest (SKF vendor) – gourd nests, drums and items as well as woodland babies – Mother Earth Gourds / Creatures Nest

Mystique Fashions & Accessories (SKF vendor) – Mystique Fashions FB page – garb for the ladies, mostly corsets and capes

Oignucs Incense (SKF vendor)- oils, incense and other lovely smelling items Oignucs Incense FB page

Mystical Inspirations (SKF vendor) – art, wands, jewelry and more – Mystical Inspirations

Patricia Hughes Author (Abbadia Mare Vendor) – books about pirate adventures – Patricia Hughes

Running Dog Pottery (Abbadia Mare vendor) – pottery, mugs, goblets and more – Running Dog Pottery FB page

Sach’s and Byrne (SKF vendor) – jewelry, flower roses, brooches, fans, belts and more – Sachs and Byrne

Sanctuary Bodywork (Abbadia Mare Vendor) – massages – Please e mail her if you would like her to come to your home or you can go to her office – Sanctuary Bodywork FB page

Silver Branch (Abbadia Mare vendor) – lovely fairies, gnomes, dragons and other items – Silver Branch

Tandy Leather (SKF vendor) – leather goods, learn how to make leather goods – Tandy Leather

Things that Work (SKF vendor) – yarn, fiber, oils, soaps, salves, rugs, other items for home – Things That Work

Tintagles Gate – a little bit of everything for the Renaissance Enthusiast and more – Tintagels Gate

Walt-King Sticks & More (SKF vendor) -hand made walking staffs, canes and more wooden items – Walt-King Sticks

Wolf’s Head Whatever – Chain Maille items, hand made crochet and knit items – Wolfs Head Whatever FB page


Okay, that’s all of the vendors for both of our events.  We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Channukkah, a blessed Yule, a lovely Kwanza or a joyous Festivus if you celebrate just the Holiday itself.

We hope to see you next year!