Holiday Extravaganza for 2017 season!

Ah the Holidays are quickly approaching!  Yes, “Winter is here!” and with that, we do want you to check out all of our lovely vendors we had at either one of our events we did this summer to get something unique for the upcoming Holidays! (Whatever you celebrate!).

cast photo for AM 2017

As most of you know, we did two events and I’ll separate the vendors by color:  Abbadia Mare Festival vendors will be in GREEN, Silver Kingdom Festival will be in dark BLUE and PURPLE if they were at BOTH events!  

The vendors are not in alphabetical order and some of them don’t have websites, but we’ll post their fan pages if they don’t have a website – Happy Shopping and we wish you a blessed whatever it is you celebrate!

Garb and so much more!

Chain Maille made items including neckties and hats!

feather flowers, broaches, ring watches and more!

NOTES for next season:

We do have dates already for Abbadia Mare Festival year 8!  Dates will be July 21st and 22nd of 2018 so stay tuned for more information.  As soon as we have information on Silver Kingdom, we will let you know.

We wish you a happy holiday (what ever it is you celebrate) with your families and hope to see you next year!